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Roof Glazing Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a special type of translucent plastic that is used in most conservatory roofs. It has been developed to provide a light, inexpensive and easy to install alternative to glass, whilst still offering similar levels of heat insulation and light transmission to standard double glazing. Installations 4u offers you the choice of 16mm, 25mm or 35mm polycarbonate with the 35mm option offering the higher level of performance due to its increased thickness.

The Global 35mm system, which is 40% thicker than ordinary polycarbonate provides exceptional levels of thermal insulation, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, whilst at the same time, reducing sound transmission and unwanted glare. Combined with high performance standards and minimal maintenance the Global system offers very real benefits to the homeowner.


Polycarbonate finish: Clear

Blocks out the least amount of day light. While this option is know as clear it is still a multi layered plastic so you don’t get the same effect as clear glass.

Polycarbonate finish: Clear

Polycarbonate finish: Bronze

This has a slight tint to the glazing designed to take the edge of the incoming sun light.

Polycarbonate finish: Bronze

Polycarbonate finish: Opal

This has a white or peal finish and blocks out as much direct light as possible. This is an ideal option as with opal polycarbonate roof blinds are not required. The opal finish reflects a lot of light and actually feels a lighter room than with bronze tinted polycarbonate even though opal blocks out more direct light. For this reason we also fit opal polycarbonate in a lot of north facing conservatories.

Polycarbonate finish: Bronze on Opal

This is a mix of two finishes bronze on the exterior and opal on the interior. This finish is designed for wood-grained finished conservatories; the bronze exterior finish is a better match to either mahogany or light oak.

Recommendation: We install the bronze on opal polycarbonate in most of our conservatories even the white finished conservatories. This is because the bronze on opal finish has all the benefits of the opal roof glazing but the bronze exterior finish does not show up the dirt.

Polycarbonate finish: Glass

Glass is the alternative glazing option for conservatory roofs. There are several specification, cost and design constraints linked to selecting glass for your conservatory roof. Benefits: Better noise insulation, heat insulation (depending on specification), light, cosmetics, atmosphere.

How it works

Pilkington Activ Self-Cleaning Glass

Pilkington Activ Self-Cleaning Glass uses the forces of nature to maintain its clear appearance without leaving unsightly streaks. In a dual-action process organic dirt is broken down by daylight and is then washed away by rain, thus making it environmentally friendly and very easy to maintain.

The benefits of self-cleaning glass are numerous. If you clean your own windows you will save time and energy as the coating on self-cleaning glass will eventually break down even the heaviest deposits of organic dirt; if you currently employ a window cleaner, you’ll save money to spend on things you really enjoy.

Pilkington Activ Self-Cleaning Glass can also be combined with a range of different products to offer many additional benefits (such as thermal, solar and noise control). Pilkington Activ not only brings you fantastic low maintenance glass cleaning but also allows you to combine it with various products for the ultimate in glass solutions. Contact us should you require any additional information on Pilkington Activ Self-Cleaning Glass

Fascias & Guttering

At Installations 4u we use on the finest quality PVCu Fascia Soffits and Guttering to all of our installations. Available in various styles and finishes, please ask for any information which you may require.